What If This Roller Coaster Never Ends...

Don't Let Wall Street Dictate Your Retirement!

  • Discover How To Protect Your Savings From Market Volatility & Inflation without locking it up in expensive annuities or insurance contracts!
  • Discover Simple Low-Risk, Low Volatility Strategies That Are Killing It In These Markets! The future will not look like the past...and neither should your investment strategy. The days of hope and pray are over!
  • Discover How to Build Layers of Protection So that no matter what happens in the market, in the economy, or on Capital Hill, you have a strategy to not only survive but thrive!

Hi, I am Leibel Sternbach

I am an Enrolled Agent with the IRS, and I wrote this guide to help people stretch their retirement savings as far as possible.

I believe that unnecessary taxation and market losses are the two greatest threats to today's retirees.

I have been very vocal about my options, and my advice has been featured in Forbes, CNN Business, Reader's Digest, MarketWatch, Investor's Business Daily, Think Advisor, among many others.

I wrote a book on financial planning and I teach regular classes to advisors and retirees. I hope this guide helps bring you one step closer to building the retirement of your dreams.

Remember: Finance is Simple - It's People Who Make it Complicated!

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